Preparing Your Home To Sell

Home Staging


Staging your home to sell has almost become necessary to be competitive in todays market. Gone are the days where deep cleaning your house and hiding the litter box were enough.   More and more sellers are paying a home stager to make their home more attractive to potential buyers.

What a Home Stager Does

A home stager is an expert at planning and picking colors, patterns and furniture that will complement your home. A  Home stager is a lot like an Interior Designer other than they won’t generally consider your personal taste in the design but instead what will appeal to the majority of buyers.

Examples of What a Stager Might Do to Get Your Home Ready for Sell

Go through your home from top to bottom and develop a plan of action and the cost involved.

Identify ways to highlight your homes best features.

Recommend which items should stay in the house and which should not. This includes furniture and other household possessions.

Arrange for any repairs or work to be done and then overseeing the work.

Bring in furniture, art work, rugs, curtains, and pillows along with other welcoming objects to make the home feel like a place people can live the life they have dreamed of.

Finishing touches before an open house, such as fresh flowers, and baking cookies to fill the home with a delicious aroma.

Hiring a Stager

A properly staged home will receive a lot of attention and will most likely sell very quickly. So if you do decide to hire a stager make sure that you get recommendations and interview several before you make a choice. Keep in mind that a good home stager will do all the things described above.

staging-wallpaper staging-a-home staging2 sample-staging


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